About us

About us

We are committed to improving or even saving our patients whose lives are affected by devastating rare genetic diseases.

We follow a very active collaboration strategy with companies and academic researchers in the US, Europe and Asia. We are always actively seeking partnerships and business opportunities around the world to explore the therapeutic potential of our technologies in diseases we might not be currently addressing.

We are interested in active principles based on small molecules, synthetic peptides, recombinant proteins and gene therapy.

Our team

Amber Kelly Bayly


She moved to Spain from New York State by way of France in 2001.  She studied psychology and art  at SUNY and proceeded  to work in many different positions related to customer relations and in the EU found her passion in helping children and families affected by rare diseases.  Passionate about  children, psychology and equine therapy, the move to Spain proved to be a natural fit.  With encouragement from friends and neighbors, Amber helped  to start a small equine therapy clinic in  2012  - complementing the rare disease research done by Advanced Medical Projects. In her free time, Amber loves to go riding, hanging out with her teenage daughter and binge watching series with her family (both 2 and 4 legged) that consists of a feisty mare, 4 adopted dogs, 5 rescued cats and a rescued grasshopper.  To get in contact and learn more click here.  

Antonio Molina Pachon, PhD, MBA


Antonio Molina Pachon is the co-founder of Advanced Medical Projects, a company dedicated to helping families affected by genetic rare diseases, to date we have helped more than 500 families at no cost to them. 

Before devoting his work fulltime to AMP, Antonio held different positions both in big companies and startups. Always in the scientific and technical parts of the projects, including CSO and Technical Director.

Antonio has a degree in Biological Sciences,  a PhD in Molecular Cell Biology and and EMBA and has worked in companies both in the US and Europe.

He is driven to making a difference in the rare disease world and is committed to helping as many children and their families as is humanly possible.  Loves reading, travelling with his family and learning new things and believes in the Audrey Hepburn quote: 
Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!

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